Constructive counsel for businesses on the rise

Gerber Growth, LLC is a legal services firm that helps companies grow.

Gerber Growth works with entrepreneurial and growing companies, as part of their management teams, to develop and implement systems that enable and support growth, build and protect assets, and reduce or manage risk.

The firm serves in a number of roles:

  • General counsel on a dedicated part-time or variable basis
  • Business lawyer for corporate, commercial, and transactional needs

In those roles, Gerber Growth provides a range of management and legal services. Gerber Growth’s principal, John M. Gerber, brings to the firm’s clients his experience as a member of the executive management teams of several business ventures, and as general counsel to those ventures, as well as his experience as a large law firm business attorney.

Gerber Growth’s approach changes a client’s relationship to its legal and administrative functions. Gerber Growth’s job is to accept both strategic and day-to-day responsibility for these functions within an organization by integrating them into planning and operations. Outside law firms and traditional management consulting firms, by contrast, advise on particular, and perhaps unavoidable, legal and business needs when they arise (and their expertise is needed in these circumstances).

Gerber Growth acts as another trusted member of the team, in ways that meet the needs and budget constraints of startup, emerging stage and mid-market companies. By focusing on long-term relationships with an intentionally limited base of clients, developing a deep and active knowledge and understanding of each client’s business, and aligning the firm’s interests with their interests, Gerber Growth delivers the attention, accessibility, customer service, efficiency, solutions-orientation, and clarity that companies expect from themselves but are not accustomed to receiving from their attorneys and consultants.

Clients benefit from Gerber Growth’s approach in a number of ways:

  • Cost predictability through retainer and project/contract-based fee models
  • Cost reduction (lower overhead) by comparison to law firms and permanent hires
  • Risk control by implementation of consistent internal and third-party processes and documentation
  • Expertise and perspective by having an experienced business lawyer and operator as an additional team member
  • Opportunity expansion by allowing entrepreneurs and executives to focus on what they are good at – building their businesses